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  • 1. FISH hálózat: Bővebb információ itt.
  • 2. "Questions to the History..." hálózat: Department of Slovak History can offer subjects for Bachelor studies and Master studies of History. Incoming students will be also able to choose subjects from allied Departments - the Department of General History and the Department of Archiving and Auxiliary Sciences of History. Students can choose variety of language courses offered by the Faculty of Philosophy, and a course of Slovak language and culture as well. Our Department will organize joint field trips, with which we have many experiences. There will be also a possibility of personal consultations with teachers in English or German language. Especially for PhDs mobility and teachers mobility assistance with work on a doctoral thesis (or research projects) is provided, as well as organisation of common research projects in the area. Lecturers specialized in topic of the network: Martin Homza, Ján Lukacka, Jozef Badúrik, Adam Mesiarkin, Zuzana Orságová, Eva Benková, Vincent Múcska, Martin Hurbanic, Miroslav Daniš, Daniela Hrnciarová, Matej Gogola, Juraj Polácek.
  • 3. "Slavic Philology and Its Cultural Contexts" hálózat: Courses in Slovak as a Forein Language at all levels.


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