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2. "Questions to the History of..." hálózat: Department of History can offer to incoming students the courses from the list in Curriculum for Bachelor studies, Master studies of History and PhD studies. For students, who are not able to study in Czech, there is a possibility to agree with lectors on individual consultations. We can also offer consultations and support for PhD students with their doctoral thesis, participation on common research projects in Medieval and Early Modern History and visiting lectors are welcome to teach courses during their stay at Department of History. Faculty of Arts can also offer to incoming students variety of interesting courses, some available also in English, language courses like a course of Czech language for foreigners (Grammar course of Czech language for foreigners and conversation course. For courses offered at the Faculty of Arts, see Course Catalogue, with selection of the language of tuition: List of lectors dealing with the Medieval and Early Modern History: Pavel Bocek (Medieval History), Tomáš Borovský (Medieval History), Bronislav Chocholác (History of the Early Modern Age), Libor Jan, Ph.D. (Medieval Histor), Tomáš Knoz, Tomáš Malý, Ph.D. (History of the Early Modern Age), Josef Válka, CSc. (Medieval History and Early Modern Era, Martin Wihoda, Ph.D. (Medieval History).


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