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  • 1. "Question to the History of..." hálózat: Department of History, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad will act as an active partner of network. We can offer the subjects from the list (listed in Curriculum) for Bachelor studies and Master as well as PhD studies of History. We await that we incoming students will choose subjects concerning subjects from Medieval and Early Modern History. All lectures are in Serbian. Students can choose variety of foreign language courses offered by the Faculty of Philosophy. Our Department will organize joint field trips and excursions for our students and CEEPUS students can join as well, with which we have many experiences (Turkey, Greece, Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia). There will be also a possibility of personal consultations with teachers in English, French, German, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Slovak and Polish. Especially for PhD mobilities and teacher mobilites assistance with work on a doctoral thesis (or research projects) is provided, as well as organisation of common research projects in the area. Lecturers can teach special courses during the period of their visiting professorship. We support mutual supervision of thesis and we shall gladly be included in all possible plans for that matter.
  • 2. "Slavic Philology and Its Cultural Contexts" hálózat: Lectures in Serbian language and linguistics at the Department of Serbian Language and Linguistics, practical tutorials in Serbian as a Foreign Language at the Center for Serbian as a Foreign Language.


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