Csete Katona: Vikings of the Steppe. Scandinavians, Rus’, and the Turkic World (c. 750–1050). London–New York 2023.

ISBN: 978-0-367-48075-2 (hbk) ISBN: 978-1-032-34075-3 (pbk) ISBN: 978-1-003-03785-9 (ebk)
DOI: 10.4324/9781003037859

This book deals with the interactions of Scandinavians, Rus’ and the inhabitants of the steppes during the Viking Age (c. 750–1050 CE). As these labels indicate, the geographic boundaries of the topic encompass (mostly) Eastern Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, the Baltics, European Russia and in a few cases even territories beyond. It is an immense challenge to present even parts of the history of roughly three centuries over such a vast territory and among such varied people, especially when the available evidence is so complex and exists in both material and written forms, the latter in a wide variety of ancient languages, including Arabic, Persian, Old Church Slavonic, Old Norse, Latin and Byzantine Greek

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